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More than Immigration Needs to Be Addressed to Earn the Hispanic Vote

Once again Ruben Navarette has gotten it wrong… Read his full article here or better yet don’t, I will summarize it in a single sentence: both Democrats and Republicans are undeserving of the Hispanic vote, because they have taken this voting block for granted.

You know times are bad when...

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The Las Vegas Sun posted a story that Wayne Newton is being sued by a former friend who wants to foreclose on his home. Wayne always likes to portray himself as Mr. Las Vegas so maybe he is just trying to understand what Las Vegans are feeling right now, or maybe he is just broke.

Bye Bayh - US Senator Evan Bayh Retires

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The Washington Post reported today that Senator Bayh decided to retire. Read here I know Senator Bayh. He is a good man and a good father. I do not agree with all his policies or politics, but admire his commitment to his faith and his family. I was drawn to Senator Bayh because he Co-Chaired the National Fatherhood Initiative. As a young father, this is a project that is important to me. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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